Modern football uniforms have officially jumped the shark.

Last week, Notre Dame set tradition aside for a new uniform.  Notre Dame's "Shamrock Series" uniform will be worn at Soldier Field in Chicago on October 6 when Notre Dame plays Miami.

Reaction to the new uniforms has been mostly negative.  It's a similar reaction to what we saw last year when Michigan State came out with some dark green/bronze/black uniforms.

Which is worse:  Michigan State's "Pro Combat" uniform or Notre Dame's "Shamrock Series"?

On Thursday, Notre Dame unveiled their new "Shamrock Series" football uniforms.  The pants are gold with a blue stripe and a leprechaun on the side and the jerseys have metallic numbers with the word "Irish" on the front.

Most surprisingly, the simple gold helmets are gone.  The helmet now features a way-oversized fighting leprechaun on one side.  The other side looks like one of those crazy stare-at-it-until-you-see-the-hidden-3D-image posters that used to litter the mall.

Now, in the interest of full disclosure, I grew up a Michigan fan and my wife went to the University of Michigan.  We fly the Maize and Blue on game days.  I may not be a MSU or Notre Dame fan, but I can appreciate tradition.  Like gold helmets.  It was the best thing Notre Dame had going for it...that and a head coach from GVSU, where I went to school.

I can't look at the "Shamrock Series" Notre Dame helmet without feeling like a migraine is about to come on.  The rest of the uniform isn't bad.  MSU's "Pro Combat" uniforms looked cool, but shouldn't traditional school colors count for something?

Due to the helmet alone, I vote Notre Dame's "Shamrock Series" uniforms as the worst.