It's not just for middle school girl sleepovers any more! Pillow Fighting is real, and at times, vicious.

We’ve heard of UFC. Well, according to the New York Post, PFC might be the next big thing - Professional Pillow Fighting.

I’m not talking about the “flash mobs.” Imagine pillow fights in a boxing ring.

It's exactly what it sounds like: two men (or women) get into a boxing ring holding specially designed "combat pillows" and beat the snot out of each other for three rounds of three minutes each.

“This has all the excitement of a mixed martial arts fight with none of the blood loss,” PFC CEO Steve Williams told The Post.

BUT -- adds Williams, “You definitely feel it when you get hit.”

Many MMA fighters who fight in the league in Delray Beach, Florida use it to hone their skills in the Octagon.

“It doesn’t hurt! Plus you need to use your movements and your footsteps,” middleweight UFC fighter Markus Perez told The Post. “And, it teaches a lot about managing adrenaline in front of a crowd.”

Still, it is fighting, and 41-year-old Emily Rubens admitted it's way harder than it looks.

“I couldn’t move for two days after. It wasn’t as silly as I thought, this was real fighting."

Would you like to train to be a professional pillow fighter. You can get more information at

I still think it looks like a bad Monty Python sketch, but that's just me.

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