Ellie Goulding shows no signs of stopping, even after releasing 'Lights,' a massive hit that is still getting so much radio play, you'd think the single was released last week.

But it's on to the next one for the British singer. Goulding stopped by 'The Ellen Show' to perform her new song 'Anything Could Happen' off her album 'Halcyon.' Thankfully, the song strays from the formula she used for 'Lights,' allowing listeners to fall in love with a newer and different Goulding, and she won't have worry about constant comparisons from one single to the next.

Dressed in tiny black shorts and a navy top, the singer mustered up her energy to give a nice performance for the audience and viewers at home. Goulding definitely seemed to enjoy performing, but we have a sneaking suspicion that being on 'The Ellen Show' makes anyone stoked and excited to perform or chat for an interview.

The song has a gothic and haunting feel to it, and we get why she chooses the movements she does, but it was a bit boring -- perhaps Goulding needs to spend some time on her stage presence and choreography, because that simple leg and hip movement (which is similar, if not the same movement in her 'Lights' video) will get old fast.

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