I hate that this story originates from Arkansas since that’s originally where I’m from, but I’m so glad that my “now” home state is the state that really stepped up to help these animals.

Bissell Pet Foundation founder, Cathy Bissell learned last October about the Humane Society of the Delta in Helena Arkansas and learned that the shelter was overcrowded, with more than 100 dogs being forced to live outside in kennels during the winter, which even though it’s not Michigan, Arkansas winters will still get down to freezing. The shelter was also short-staffed and because of its location in rural Arkansas, not many people were coming to adopt, which meant a lot of these cats and dogs were not going to find a forever home, and their future wasn’t looking too bright.

After Cathy’s visit down south, she realized Bissell Pet Foundation and their partners needed to do something. That’s why she got her team and help from 16 shelters in 5 different states, with higher exposure for adoption, to help move and rehome 240 dogs and 30 cats. Michigan had 10 different shelters step up and offer to help, including the Humane Society of West Michigan, and Muskegon County Humane Society, locally.

Each shelter involved took picked 10 or more pets that they then took back to their shelter, so they can help give these dogs and cats a second chance at a forever home.  But wait, there’s more. Not only did the partner shelters go to Arkansas and rescue the overcrowded pets, but each shelter also brought dog beds, puppy pads, blankets, towels, paper towels, soap, and some other cleaning supplies to help the Humane Society of the Delta restock and be able to help care for the remaining animals they were still trying to adopt, as well as any new pets they also took in.

The dogs and cats are getting settled in their new shelter, fortunately, Bissell Pet Foundation and the Humane Society of the Delta were able to complete health certifications for all the animals transported before they ever left Arkansas, which means after resting from the travel, they’ll be able to be adopted even sooner.

You can check out the Humane Society of West Michigan here, or the Muskegon County Humane Society here. If you want to donate to the Bissell Pet Foundation so they can keep doing this incredible work for animals who have found themselves stuck in a shelter, just looking for love, you can donate here.



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