Most of us remember Fox Jewelers, a Grand Rapids jewelry institution for 100-years. Thousands and thousands of diamonds  passed through those doors and couples got engaged and married with a Tom Fox diamond on a beautiful lady's finger.

Don't we also remember all those radio and TV commercials. They always began with his signature phrase "Hi, I'm Tom Fox." Remember.....


Sadly, Tom Fox, Thomas S. Fox, passed away this past  Saturday, September 3rd, here in Grand Rapids. He was 95.

It was Tom's parents, Martin and Hilda Fox, who started a small-local jewelry store in 1917, before Tom was born.  Year's later Tom, 3rd generation, took over leadership of the business and guided it to spectacular growth with 48 stores, not only in Grand Rapids, but throughout the Midwest.

When Tom wanted to slow down, he decided to sell the company. That was in 1990. But, that didn't last very long, maybe 10 or 11 years. He decided to open a new Grand Rapids store by Woodland Mall.

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You Tube

He couldn't use the name Fox Jewelers since that went with the sale in 1990, so, he opened Thomas S. Fox Diamond Jewelers in 2001. And yes, the familiar greeting, "Hi, I'm Tom Fox," just had to be in his new commercials.

For several years the business flourished in it's new location. Tom, again, faded into the background and wanted his son-in-law, John Turrentine, to run the business.

In 2017, Turrentine decided he wanted to pursue other real estate and development opportunities and, together, Tom and John decided that after 100-years, and with no other family interested in running the business, Fox Jewelers would close their doors for ever.

Tom Fox always gave back to the community and together with his wife Mickie, supported many local charities and organizations.

We'll miss you Tom. It was a great ride! Now you really are with the "Diamonds in the Sky."


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