So whatever happened to Harry, the little kid in the diner who won over the 'Hamilton' cast the last time they were in town? Let's find out.

As the Tony Award winning Broadway show 'Hamilton' raps up its Grand Rapids run, here's a look back (okay, not that far back) to 2020, when the word 'pandemic' was just creeping up on us.

Enter then 11-year-old Harry Wepman-Wabeke, whose parents own the Little Bird Diner along Monroe Center downtown.

Two years ago, the first time ever that the show came to GR, the cast came in to the diner for a lunch break, and Harry seized the moment.

He walked up to the cast members and started throwing down some rhymes, specifically the rap 'Guns n Ships' from the show they were starring in at the DeVos Place last week.

Harry's skills earned an ovation from the Hamiltonians, and the whole thing was captured by cast member Marcus John on Instagram.

The subsequent video went viral and Harry's rapping went nationwide.

I talked to Chelsea at the Little Bird who told me that the now 13-year-old Harry has grown up to be a charming young man and is still very much involved in music, more as a drummer now than as a rapper.

A few members of the 'Hamilton' cast have made their way back to the Little Bird, and Marcus John, the man who originally posted the video, recently celebrated the arrival of a brand new nephew. (see below)

And so it appears everyone involved in the story has continued on a positive path, and that, my friends, is a good thing.

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