They're back! The Fabulous Four from the Golden Era, Barry Shanley, Sam Hooks, Craig James, all joining Lee Van Ameyde for two nights in honor of WZZM 13's 50th Anniversary.

Did you have a chance to watch either Monday or Tuesday night at 5:30 and 6 pm?  It was too much fun!!

It was the old anchor team from the 80's, Barry Shanley with Lee Van Ameyde doing the news, Sam Hooks with sports and Craig James and the weather, all wearing the classic 80's blazer.

They joked around telling wonderful stories, but the real fun was watching each do the real stuff.  After all, news reporting doesn't stop just because you get together with old friends.

WZZM 13 is celebrating 50-years of broadcasting, and having fun bringing back some former anchors and reporters.  And, the last two nights, I don't think they missed a beat.

One of the many fun moments of the two nights was Craig James doing the weather forecast.