I was on WZZM13's website this morning and saw the coolest thing!  By now you know Grand Rapids will be laughing and everyone's blood pressure will be a little lower, come Thursday!  The opening ceremonies for Laughfest will officially begin Thursday evening, Rosa Parks Circle around 5:45.  Why do we do this?  We do it for Gilda's Club, a wonderful resource for cancer patients and their families.  We do it to remember how important laughter is and just how much laughter Gilda Radner brought to all of us who remember her.

Well, Laughfest just got a little smarter with a new Laughfest App.   This is brilliant, because with all the things going on at Laughfest it is impossible to keep track of them all without this app.  Use it to get directions, find a venue, and even buy tickets.

It's personal to the guy who built the app.  Michael Carnevale, is the developer, and his mom was a fan of Gilda's Club and battled brain cancer.  It's his way to continue all that positive work that Gilda's Club does.

You can go to the LaughFest web page by clicking here. Then, go to the bottom of that page to download the LaughFest app.

See you laughing all the way to Laughfest!