I have an interesting interview I did for grNow.com & WZZM13 Weekend Morning News w/ Jennifer Paascua & Aaron Ofseyer. It'll air tomorrow, Sunday morning, between 7and 8am. You know, everybody has a story!  You may think you don't, or you may think yours is not a very important one, but you do, and it is.  

So many times just hearing what other people have pushed through, accomplished, and come out on the other side of, will spur you on to your own successes. 

This week I'll be talking to John Russo about his life. There is just so much history here in Grand Rapids.  It's nice to learn about some of our neighbors, where people have come from, and how they have ended up where they are at in this life.  See you Sunday morning between 7 and 8am on WZZM 13's Weekend Morning News.