Ch-ch-ch-anges!  A couple years ago I began guest hosting on Take Five and Company, every Wednesday morning, at 9am.

When I first began with WZZM 13, Tara Kuhnlein was part of Take Five and Company.  She was always one of my favorite people at the station.  She was beautiful, of course, but she was also warm, funny and so talented!  Eventually she moved into a reporter position for WZZM13 and most recently Tara accepted a position as the morning co-host and reporter for Fox's 4-hour morning show, "Fox News Rising" in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Don't think about googling "Tara Kuhnlein" because the television station promptly changed her name to Christine Noel.  There were just too many Tara's working in the market;)

Let me introduce you to WZZM13's latest addition to the morning news.  Her name is Stacia Kalinoski and she is originally from Minnesota, she is accustomed to the cold West Michigan winters, so those will not scare her away.  Stacia joins WZZM 13 most recently from Eugene, Oregon.  It's the same television station meterologist Aaron Ofseyer also left to join WZZM.

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