I hope everyone had a bright and merry Christmas! And if you're like me, you're probably still relaxing in the post sugar cookie and Christmas pierogi haze. However, if you're one of those go-getters that as soon as a holiday is finished, you take down your decorations.... 1) You are amazing and should be a motivational speaker or something like that, and 2) If you need a place to take your Christmas Tree, I know just the spot!

Instead of taking your live Christmas Tree to the curb once it's finished giving you holiday cheer, give it a second life/purpose and take it to these goats in Portland, Michigan. The owner of the Red Maple Farm Goats in Portland posted that her "recycling crew" - aka goats - would love to take that fresh cut Christmas tree off your hands, provided it's not be sprayed, painted, or has any tinsel on it. You give them the Christmas Tree, and they'll go to work making sure it's not wasted. The farm is located on Howe Road near M-100. Get more info here.

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