"Meow," it's more than just a noise. It's a way to communicate for cats. But, sometimes their meows can sound a little bit like actual words. In this roundup we have the 7 best cat talking videos on YouTube. Check them all out after the jump!

  • 7

    The Barking Cat

    12.5 Million views

    Oh man is it embarrassing when someone walks in and catches you making animal noises. Now imagine if you are an animal making another animal noise. This kitty realizes that her master caught her barking and quickly goes back to making her typical meowing noises out of embarrassment.

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    Patty Cake Cats

    14.5 Million views

    This is the only video that makes the list where the cats aren't actually talking. But the video is just so darn cute, I had to include it. And besides, playing patty cake is more complicated than talking... right?

  • 5

    Needs To Sleep In Cat

    17 Million views

    This little kitty must be a teenager, because I know that was the same reaction that I gave my parents when they woke me up for high school. I don't blame the little guy either, he only wants 5 more minutes.

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    The OMG Cat

    19 Million views

    Alright you got me again, the OMG cat doesn't actually talk. But isn't a picture worth a thousand words? The picture of this cat is too classic. I think someone is messing with her toys and she is just so shocked that she is speechless.

  • 3

    The No No No Cat

    23 Million views

    This little kitty really doesn't want to do something. Or is it that he just saw someone that he assumed he wouldn't. We all run in to people we don't want to see... but most people handle it better than backing up to a wall and repeating "Oh, no no no... Ohhhhhh, no no no."

  • 2

    America's Funniest Talking Cat

    25 Million views

    This little guy is obviously enjoying himself, or maybe talking in tongues. Either way, he still made an appearance on America's Funniest Home Videos, and that's more than I can say.

  • 1

    The Two Talking Cats

    55 Million views

    Number one on the list is a pair of talking cats. The two are trying to communicate about something very important, I'm sure. Perhaps they are trying to figure out whose turn it is to knock stuff off the coffee table. Or maybe they need to discuss a more pressing matter, like who is supposed to bath the other that evening.