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5 Cool Things You Can Do In Muskegon This Summer
The other day I was talking to a friend about things to do before summer is over and she said she couldn’t afford a huge trip, so I started searching things close to Grand Rapids, within an hour drive or so, and was surprised at how many things popped up in Muskegon...
Michigan's Adventure Opens This Weekend
Michigan's Adventure will open for its 60th season this weekend.
WZZM-13 reports that park officials announced the West Michigan amusement park and its new Funland Farm will open this Friday, May 27.
Michigan’s Adventure Building New Ride [Photos]
Warm temperatures and summer bring many traditions, including relaxing days at the beach and nights by the campfire.
Some summer traditions are a little less relaxing.
Thrill seekers at Michigan's Adventure will be able to enjoy a new ride this summer.
New Roller Coaster Might “Rip Your Limbs Off!”
Spring and Summer are just around the corner.  Seriously, they are.  And that means the opening of amusement parks, Michigan's Adventure, Ceder Point, to name a few.  They are fun places for the whole family with thrills and chills, really!
I'm not a big roller coaster fan...I'm a wuss.  I don't want…
Coasters vs. Cancer
Hey, the weather is going to be fantastic all weekend long, so I went digging for stuff to do outdoors.
I found a good one. Two words - Roller Coasters.
Actually, this lasts all through next week, and it's for a good cause.
Plus, it's a chance to let off some steam by screaming your head off!