It was a West Michigan amusement park and zoo that once saw hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Now, sadly, it's in total disrepair and being auctioned off.

What's left of the once bustling Deer Forest Fun Park and Zoo, a 25-acre plot of land, still dotted with structures and decorations from the park's busier days, is being auctioned off with bids to start at $450,000 and due by Oct. 14.

Fox17 reports Deer Forest is down Coloma way, and once was a place students, moms and dads, all kids, wanted to go, especially in the summer.

The park was originally opened in 1949 by Cecill and Lou Potts of Coloma and sold several times from the mid 70s to today.

The park had a classic Ferris wheel among other rides, and a 4 train that ran around the whole park. But, times and tastes change, and it's time to think forward. Some are suggesting it be resurrected as a zoo and amusement park. Others are thinking possible an RV park.

Fox17/Scripps/ Michael E Martin
Fox17/Scripps/ Michael E Martin

Whatever becomes of the property, it's going to take a lot of money to make it happen. The folks in Coloma have seen an outpouring from folks with a personal connection, but unfortunately the interest in buying the property has been a little bit lighter than they had hoped.

There was an open house Wednesday, and it was a chance to get one last look at what was, and dreaming of the possibilities of just what might come next for the former Deer Forest Fun Park.


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