Anything is possible in today's world of mergers and acquisitions. And it possible Michigan's Adventure and Cedar Point, currently owned by the same company, Cedar Fair, might become a part of the giant Sea World.

The rumor has been floating about a bit, and yesterday, WOOD TV8 reported that leaders at Cedar Fair, L.P., the company that owns Michigan’s Adventure, Cedar Point, Kings Island, and several other amusement parks, confirmed it has received a proposal to sell to SeaWorld.

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Cedar Fair said that the proposal was “unsolicited” and “non-binding," but, yes, there was an offer. Yahoo!News posted that Bloomberg reported it was a $3.4 billion dollar offer.

It does sound kind of exciting on the surface. Could a Dolphin Adventure or an Orca Encounter in Muskegon be on the horizon? How about a playful Sea Lion show or an Otter experience. Or even a Sesame Street Street Party. Okay, okay, I get ahead of myself. It's going to be awhile, if at all.

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Many Michiganders remember Michigan’s Adventure first opening in Muskegon County in 1956 as Deer Park, including a petting zoo and a children’s play area. Deer Park became so popular that the owners decided to add more attractions and rides through the years, and renamed it Michigan’s Adventure in 1988. According to MLive, ownership sold the park to Cedar Fair in 2001 for $28 million. Hmmm, let's see, buy a property for $28 million, and sell it, and others of course, for $3.4 billion. Not bad.

This is not the first sales proposal for Cedar Fair. Six Flags offered to buy out the company in 2019 for $4 billion, but Cedar Fair officials turned it down. However, this current offer is all cash! Whoa!

For you financial types, read article on the Motley Fool website. It will help you digest what may go down here.


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