Fifth Third Burger

Whitecaps Looking For New Food
Food!  Ahhhhh, food!  Always a wonderful thought.  What am I going to have for lunch today?  What are we going to have for dinner tonight? When you go to the ball park, 5th/3rd, of course, to watch the Whitecaps, what do you think of...
More Calories Than Fifth-Third Burger! Whitecaps Tout “Walking Spaghetti”
The West Michigan Whitecaps are at it again.  Direct from their kitchen, it's 5,630 calories of pure Spaghetti heaven.  The Whitecaps are asking for your opinion once again on what to serve at the ballpark this summer, and "Walking Spaghetti" is one of the 10 choices.  Believe it or not, it has more calories than the famous Fifth-third burger, which has 4,889.