Food!  Ahhhhh, food!  Always a wonderful thought.  What am I going to have for lunch today?  What are we going to have for dinner tonight?

When you go to the ball park, 5th/3rd, of course, to watch the Whitecaps, what do you think of?  Of course there's a game going on, but part of the entertainment is meeting up with friends, enjoying a nice summer day/night at a ball game, and.....FOOD!

Without question you have to have a hot dog because it's a proven fact they do taste better at a baseball game.  But, what else?  There's the Fifth Third Burger, pulled pork, subs, wraps, salads, popcorn, ice cream, peanuts, a million choices.  It's a new season now, so, what's new?

That's where you, the fans, come in.  Every year the Caps try to freshen up the menu, add something or things, new.  So, they're asking fans to submit ideas to help them come up with the newest food attraction at the ballpark.

The Fifth Third Burger is a legend in its own time.  It got a national audience on the Travel Channel's "Man vs. Food" TV show.  (He ate the whole thing, by-the-way.)  If you eat it, by your self, you get a T-shirt and name on the wall-of-fame.'s only 4,800 calories!

All fans can submit their ideas through Feb. 2. They can be made through the Whitecaps Facebook page, or via email at

All submissions should be accompanied with a description and a picture, if possible. About 10 finalists will be chosen from among the ideas submitted, he said.

Then, starting Feb. 21, fans will be able to vote for their choice on Voting will end March 5. The winning entry will be on the menu.

Good Luck, foodies!