The West Michigan Whitecaps are at it again.  Direct from their kitchen, it's 5,630 calories of pure Spaghetti heaven.  The Whitecaps are asking for your opinion once again on what to serve at the ballpark this summer, and "Walking Spaghetti" is one of the 10 choices.  Believe it or not, it has more calories than the famous Fifth-third burger, which has 4, here to vote on these items

1. Bologna Lollipop - No, that's not a misprint. And it's exactly what you'd imagine. Bologna? Check. Stick? Check. Put the five-inch diameter, inch-thick slice of fried bologna on the stick and you've got a bologna lollipop.

2. Chicks with Sticks - Believe it or not, we don't fry every single thing on the menu and then cover it with meat...just most of the time. Chicks with Sticks is one of our exceptions. It offers fresh vegetables, sliced up into thin strips, alongside hummus or ranch dressing to dip it in for a portable, healthy snack with just 297 calories. You'd need to eat 19 servings to match the caloric value of the Walking Spaghetti!

3. Duck, Hog, Frog Dog - Fun to say, more fun to eat. Assuming you like duck meat and frog legs on top of your hot dog. Hop to it.

4. Honey Bun Burger - More like "Honey Fun Burger." This baby combines dessert and dinner in a flavor explosion so indescribable your taste buds will be confused with delight. Sweet honey buns grilled to perfection with crisp bacon and a juicy hamburger in the middle. Mom was wrong when she said you can't have your sweets until after dinner.

5. Mac 'n Cheese Burger Burrito - On the outside it may look like any predictable burrito, but take a bite of this to reveal the cheesy, meaty insides of our newest delectable creation. A combo of mac and cheese, ground beef, lettuce, tomato and salsa all wrapped up in a fresh tortilla.

6. Meat Man Parfait - As the donkey in Shrek once said, "Everybody loves parfaits." He was talking about meat parfaits, right? An old Irishman's dream meal, this meat and potato combo is loaded into a clear parfait cup so you can see the layers upon layers of beef, pork and mashed spuds, all covered by barbeque sauce for the most delicious and unique parfait you've ever eaten.

7. Meat Salad - Beef brisket, hot dogs, pulled pork, pulled chicken, gyro meat, Johnsonville bratwurst and hamburger: that's seven meats, served to those who believe each meal should have four different animals involved. Vegetarians, this one might not be for you.

8. Sonoran Dog -A bacon-wrapped all beef Hebrew National hot dog is always a good idea - that is a given. Cover it with guacamole, mayo, onions, tomatoes, hot sauce and mustard, and you have our newest and fantastically inventive Mexican-inspired creation.

9.The Big O Sandwich - 3 meats + 2 layers of cheese = 5 stars. The Big O sandwich and its 3,670 calorie count is not for those on a low-calorie, low-sodium or low-anything diet, but if it's always been your dream to pack pulled pork, beef and boneless chicken wings plus two layers of Provolone cheese onto a hoagie roll, smother it in jalapenos, potato wedges and barbeque sauce, and top it with an onion ring - consider your prayers answered.

10. Walking Spaghetti - Love spaghetti but hate the hassle of using a plate? The Whitecaps understand your frustration, so we've replaced the archaic concept of a plate with the innovative idea to carry this Italian delight around on garlic bread. We smother the giant 16-inch loaf of Cole's garlic bread with a pound of spaghetti, meatballs, a quart of marinara and a pound of cheese, and now it's Walking Spaghetti. Magnifico!

courtesy of the West Michigan Whitecaps