Earlier today when the 'Cliffhanger' reboot was announced, we joked that Hollywood was turning to action movies (and seemingly specifically action movies from the nineties) as the new hot property to remake/reboot. Now there's word that 'Stargate' will not only be rebooted by its original creators Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin, but the plan is to turn the reboot into a trilogy.

That's what Variety is reporting, with Emmerich set to direct the trilogy and with Dean Devlin producing as they did on the original, with MGM and Warner Brothers as the studios behind it. Emmerich talked about this when out promoting 'White House Down,' but with Warner Brothers involved, this looks like a go project. Currently, Emmerich is also attached to the 'Independence Day' sequels. 'ID4 2' just scored a new author for a re-write (and is set to debut in 2016), so it's unknown when this new 'Stargate' will be released, but it doesn't look like Emmerich will leave one for the other.

'Stargate' came out in 1994, and was a surprise success when it grossed over $200 million worldwide. It starred James Spader, Kurt Russell and Jaye Davidson, and followed a group of military men (led by Russell) and a Egyptologist (Spader) who travel to another world via the titular Stargate. Though the film spawned no sequels, it did launch a at least four television series (which spawned two DTV movies) and a number of tie-in novels.

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