Nicole Cook, Humane Society of West Michigan, brought Robin in to visit for Wet Nose Wednesday.

Robin is one and one-half years old, very social, well trained, and would make the right owner a wonderful pet.  She's a sweetie!

Nicole also mentioned that coming up, they are offering their Canine Good Citizen Test for all Pit Bulls.  Owners are encouraged to bring their Pit Bull in to have them tested.  It's a National behavior test that will give them a "mark-of-approval."  And, for every Pit Bull that passes the test, the Humane Society will receive $150 dollars.  Since the Humane Society operates on donations, it's a win-win here.  The owner will have their Pit Bull behaviorally checked out, and if passed, the Humane gets much needed money for operations.

All the information will be up on the web site,, and by calling 616-453-8900.