Ringo visited with Andy Rent as he talked about him on his Andy in the Morning show for Wet Nose Wednesday.

Trudy, from the Humane Society of West Michigan, brought Ringo into the studios.

Ringo is a 7-year old Jack Russell Terrier mix who is now ready for adoption. He is currently kenneled with other small dogs and seems to do well with them. Ringo would do great in a respectful home with children that will get to know him, rather than immediately pick him up. He is a great little guy who loves to sit on laps and receive pets!

According to the Jack Russel Terrier Club of America, the Jack Russell Terrier is such an intensely loyal, alert, affectionate, profound companion like no other. The Jack Russell Terrier wants to keenly interact with people... to be with you every moment of life... sharing and helping at every step. The real Jack Russell Terrier does not sit on the sidelines of life.

Trudy also talked about two upcoming events. This weekend, is the Baby Ready Pets Seminar. It's Saturday, Feb 10th from 12-2. A common reason animals are surrendered to a shelter is due to them not adjusting well to a new baby in the household. Be sure to start your pet off on the right foot by preparing him/her for the new arrival. Seminar is held at Humane Society of West Michigan.  Please pre-resister by e-mailing namiko@hswesmi.org. $10 suggested donation per attendee.

Next Sunday, the Humane Society of West Michigan and West Michigan Critter Haven are partnering to celebrate National Rabbit Adoption Month on Sunday, February 18 from 11am-2pm at the Humane Society of West Michigan as they hold their Some Bunny to Love Adoption Special. This event will feature adoptable animals from West Michigan Critter Haven and fee-waived rabbit adoptions through the Humane Society of West Michigan. There will also be bunny nail trims, grooming and a photo booth!



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