Rihanna isn't just the queen of pumping out an album every year -- she's also the queen of touring and promotion for them. When she's not using her love life of Instagram account for press, she's hitting the road for her Navy, launching a seven-day 777 tour in honor of her seventh album.

Rihanna will launch a seven-nation, seven-show, seven-concert tour. She'll have 150 members of the press from 82 countries along for the ride -- which will take place, of course, on a 777 Boeing jet. (Is she taking marketing lessons from Taylor Swift?) The tour will launch Nov. 14, just in time for RiRi's 'Unapologetic' release date of Nov. 19.

Rihanna's also releasing a deluxe edition, but that will cost a pretty penny. For a whopping $250, you'll snag not just 'Unapologetic,' but also a T-shirt, seven art print 12×15 lithographs, a 2GB credit card-style USB, seven laptop stickers and a View-Master containing 3D images that show the singer's style evolution.

The Bajan songbird isn't just celebrating her seventh record -- she's also just been coronated Queen of West Hollywood. At the city's Halloween carnival, the 'Diamonds' singer accepted the key to the city from the mayor. "Thank you guys so much," RiRi gushed at the ceremony. "I feel really special. I do feel like a queen right now. I'm not even from this city, so it's a big deal to be honored in the city and by the gay and lesbian community. I will make you guys very proud."

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