Garfield-like, Puddin the cat is a Red Tabby, and came visiting today on Wet Nose Wednesday.Carlita Gonzalez of the Humane Society of West Michigan, brought him in.   Puddin is a 10-year old, beautiful cat, ready for a good, loving home.  By being 10-years old, he is a member of the Silver Paw Club, meaning, he's FREE!  The Silver Paw Club is for "senior" pets at the Humane Society, as they hope the older pets find a home right away.

Information is always on their website,, and by calling 616-453-8900.

Don't forget "Bark in the Dark" this Saturday night, October 12.  It's their first annual, glow-in-the-dark 5K run/walk.  It's at the Humane Society on Wilson, SW, and will be tons of fun.

You can sign up and get all the information on their website, as well.  Just CLICK HERE!