Good luck with that, padre. Too many people live for negativity.

Father Robert Kannally from St. Aloyious parish in New Caanan, CT has an idea for you: Be kind to yourself and to each other this Lenten season by refraining from negativity. That's right, he's asking you to be positive.

Can you imagine that? Instead of railing against someone, keep it to yourself.

And here's how to practice it.

Next time someone cheeses you off with a statement online via social media. Go ahead and write that comment. Get it off your chest. And then DON'T HIT SEND!! That's right, let it go. Off into the ether. No one will be the wiser. It's the modern day equivalent of writing an angry letter to someone and not sending it. It serves two purposes. 1) You got it off your chest, and 2) It doesn't inflict pain on others, causing an argument.

I've started doing this and I feel better already.

Here's some ideas on how to tackle negativity this Lent. 

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