Oliver came calling today.

Oliver visited with Andy Rent as he talked about her on his Andy in the Morning show for Wet Nose Wednesday.

Brooke, from the Humane Society of West Michigan, brought Oliver into the studios.

He is a 3-month old lab/boxer mix puppy, and full of fun. According to Animaroo.com, Hybrid dog breeds are a very popular trend these days, and the Lab-Boxer mix is one of the more popular hybrids.

Boxers tend to be happy, fun and full of zest for life. They are considered good dogs for kids because they are willing to sit there and get dressed up or be climbed on by little ones. They are also great guard dogs and very intelligent. If anything, the Labrador is probably an even better family dog than the Boxer. They are easily trained, happy go lucky and good with kids. The average Lab is also very energetic.

Brooke reminded us that adult dogs (5 months and older) have their adoption fees reduced to $75 (normally $175) and adult cats also have their adoption fees waived. So, now is a great time to rescue a wonderful pet and add them to your home.

And, if you're interested in something a bit more exotic, they also have a potbelly pig available for adoption named Hamma Montana.

You can get all the information on the Humane Society website or call (616) 453-8900.

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