McDonald's says they are banning the use of plastic straws. Whaaat? Pretty soon, you will, not only have to ask for a straw, there won't be any out for the grabbing, but that straw will be made out of biodegradable paper. What do you think?

Actually, McDonald's is running it as a test on this, and, in an entire country. The UK, Great Britian.

McDonald’s said they have decided to take a step in reducing their environmental footprint by discontinuing the use of plastic straws. The figures are astounding, as we go through 500 Million plastic straws world wide, a day!

The trial of the new eco-friendly straws will begin in May at over 1,300 restaurants in the UK in an effort to honor the fast-food chain’s commitment to recycle their packaging materials in all of their 37,000 restaurants worldwide by 2025.

What do you think? Is this a good thing, drinking your McDonald’s shake or pop from a biodegradable paper straw?

I wouldn't be surprised if more fast food chains don't follow suit. They all would probably like to be known for "being green."

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