Boy oh boy, I sure was getting used to the beautiful spring weather. Warm days around 80 degrees, and cool nights in the 50s. Hurumph! Aaarrrggghhh! What happened?

It's Michigan, that's what happened and another front has moved in. With it comes cold air and snow showers. That's right, I said snow showers!

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Fox17 Meteorologists are predicting snow showers to begin early this morning, lasting through the morning commute. It could make that commute slick, so keep that in mind and keep your radio on 100.5 The River as I'll have complete traffic and weather reports every ten minutes through drive time beginning at 5:30 a.m.

Snowstorm on the Highway during Rush Hour
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Actually Kevin Craig and his team think that the snow will begin to taper off this evening, but good old lake effect snow bands may set up overnight into Tuesday. Just what we need.

Wintery Weather In The UK
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So, hey, are we going to able to build a snow man with this snow? Well, probably not, but it is Michigan as I said.  They are thinking that not that much will actually stick because the ground has been able to warm up over last week. But cooler surfaces just may see some accumulation. And the roads? Wet, and possibly slick is what to look for.

US East Coast Begins To Dig Out After Large Blizzard
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Did you know that this snow season,  2022-23 moved us into the number three position  for the most snow on record? This season we have had 109.2 inches. The two record highest, are the 2013-2014 season racking up 116.0 inches of snow, and the season of 1951-1952 which takes the cake for the most snow at 132.0 inches.

Just in case, I do have my snow shovel handy!

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