The store was closed, but a Saginaw County woman needed to grab a few things, so the clerk let her in. And the act of kindness led to a million dollar pay day.

A Michigan woman just won big in the lottery and says she wouldn’t have been able to without a store clerk showing her some kindness.

The Saginaw County woman, who wants to remain anonymous, tells Michigan Lottery officials, she and a friend arrived at the store just after it closed and found the doors locked.

"My friend and I were on the way home for a bonfire and we needed to stop for a couple things," the 52 year old told UPI News. "We stopped at the Marion Springs General Store, but they must have just closed because the door was locked. We were standing at the door when a clerk came over to let us in."

The clerk came over, unlocked the door and let them in to shop. She bought a scratch-off ticket and didn’t even scratch it for a few days. When she finally did, she was “so surprised” to see she won the $1-million jackpot. Now she plans to use her new fortune as a cushion to make her life “more comfortable.”

Fair enough, but how about a little scratch for the clerk who reopened the store for you? I mean, they should get a little cut of the winnings, shouldn't they?

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