Michigan is sick. And not, in like, the good way.

WXYZ reports that while the flu is hitting everyone hard across the U.S., it's particularly bad in the Mitten State, according to a study from KinsaHealth.com.

Kinsa found that 5.05 percent of the nation is sick, compared to 2.67 percent during this time last year.

A map from Kinsa shows that Michigan is the second sickest state in the nation, with nearly 7% of Michigan population, or 700K, having flu like symptoms.


The only state sicker than we are is Georgia, with 7.78% of the population ill.

CDC, more than 2,100 people have died so far this flu season-- and we're not through it yet. The CDC predicts
 influenza activity in the United States will continue to increase through at least mid-January, and there's a chance it could peak in February.

 An annual seasonal flu vaccine is the best way to help protect against flu. Vaccination has been shown to have many benefits including reducing the risk of flu illnesses, hospitalizations and even the risk of flu-related death in children."

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