No doubt we're all on edge because of COVID-19/Coronavirus. I don't want it, do you? Pretty sure you don't. But as the allergy season begins to ramp up many of us are beginning to sneeze, our eyes may become runny and itch. Holy Cow...I'm gonna die! NOT!

Allergies, which I have had since I was a little boy, long before electricity I think. At any rate, with the budding and blooming of trees, plants and flowers comes sneezing, runny noses, and itchy watering eyes. Those symptoms are common for allergies, but with coronavirus there is rarely any sneezing or runny nose.

The  Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America actually created a graph to ease your fears a bit by showing the difference between COVID-19, Allergies and the flu.

We know that there is commonly a cough with coronavirus, but it is rare with seasonal allergies, unless your allergies trigger asthma.

Check it all out here, and why not print it for you and your family and workplace if you're still going to a place of work.

Stay safe, and WASH YOUR HANDS!


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