The Labor Day Holiday is coming up, and I'm not sure how we are going to spend the weekend. After traveling so much, Ireland, home to Indiana, in the last three weeks, I'm kind of looking forward to NOTHING!

This thought started me thinking of some little pleasures that can make your life so sweet. The simpler, little things in life that make you feel content and happy. They are easier to come by and oftentimes more meaningful because of their simplicity. For instance, that first morning cup of coffee, just sipped in the peace and quiet of your home. Ahhh, I really look forward to that every weekend. Monday through Friday, I'm in the studio by 5 a.m.

What are the small things that make you happy? Are you content to sit and enjoy a cold brew after a long day in the sun, or do you just get giddy thinking about having the house all to yourself? What about just "sleeping in." Yep, me too. has put a list together of some of those wonderful little pleasures. Many of them sure hit home with me, so, what about you. What would "float your boat" and be one, or more, of those little simple things? You know, they are almost always free of charge. And, what a 're-charge' of our batteries they are, too.

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