I was watching a show online yesterday and the host said to a panel of women, "If your boyfriend or husband cheated on you with a robot prostitute would that be considered cheating to you?"  Not surprisingly, the women on the panel, thought it was not only cheating but pretty gross.  By the way, these prostitutes will be available in the male and female form.

Brace yourself, because all the nerds and geeks in the world will be rejoicing in the next couple decades.  Researchers predict that by 2050 that robot women will take the place of real live prostitutes. I imagine they will be able to be programmed to each persons specifications.  There are a couple reasons why all of this is predicted to come about.  1) An increase in human trafficking in the sex industry during the 2040s will help drive this future industry.  2) An increase in incurable sexually transmitted infections.

Sooooo, is having sex with a robot guilt free?  Maybe marrying a robot will be what comes next.... So what do you think?  Could this be a good thing?


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