Lexi, from the Humane Society of West Michigan, came to visit.

Andy Rent talked about Lexi with Megan from the Humane Society of West Michigan on his Andy in the Morning show for Wet Nose Wednesday.

Lexi is a 14-year Corgi with a lot of life and love in her.  The American Kennel Club says that the Corgi is among the most agreeable of all small housedogs, is a strong, athletic, and lively little herder who is affectionate and companionable without being needy. They are one the world’s most popular herding breeds.


Megan said don't forget that tonight is Brushes with Benefits (Oct. 24th 6 PM - 8 PM) at Uccello's in Grandville. Brushes with Benefits provides everything you need for a creative and fun night on the town: canvas, paint, brushes, and a 2-3 hour step-by-step walk-through of a beautiful painting. For every ticket sold ($35), Brushes with Benefits is donating $10 to the Humane Society of West Michigan! Food and drinks are available for purchase at every venue... no BYOB! All ages welcome, dependent on their tolerance of alcohol and fun! For every event with 40+ attendees, Brushes with Benefits will donate an additional $100 to the cause of the evening!

Magan reminded all cat lovers that Monday, October 29th is national Cat Day. Don't forget to love your cat by taking him/her to the vet for a checkup.

Also, Monday the 29th is Vaccine Clinic day. It's a special day for all low income individuals who can bring their pet to the Humane Society between 2 and 4:30 p.m. and get all of their vaccines for a very low price. You will need to bring proof of low income status.

You can get all the information on the Humane Society website or call (616) 453-8900.

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