The majority of Americans don't believe everything they're hearing from the scientific community about global warming. Nearly 70-percent of those answering a new Rasmussen Reports poll say it's "at least somewhat likely" some scientists have doctored their data to make it match their own beliefs or theories, and 40-percent think it's "very likely" the public isn't getting the whole truth on the matter.


Just 22-percent trust that scientists are being honest and accurate in presenting their findings, and only six-percent think it's "not at all likely" that scientists have tinkered with their research data. Nearly 60-percent feel that within the scientific community there's "significant disagreement" on the subject, while just 25-percent believe scientists are in agreement on global warming.

But the public remains divided over the cause of global warming and what -- if anything -- we should do about it. Two out of five people feel we should take steps now to stop global warming, but 42-percent don't feel any immediate action is necessary.

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