As another day of record-setting heat hits West Michigan, many schools are being cancelled or having their days shortened. Some sports and other activities are being cancelled too.

Should more West Michigan schools and sports be closed and cancelled due to the extreme heat?

Each winter we hear about schools and cities to the south that basically shut down due to a little bit of cold and snow and we scratch our heads. They are not used to or prepared for the conditions. Those same communities are likely looking at us the same way right now.

Since last week, schools in West Michigan have been shortening their days or cancelling due to the heat. Some entire sports leagues have cancelled games while others have continued playing and practicing in the heat and humidity.

Schools are dealing with conditions and temperatures that can vary widely from building to building and even from room to room. The heat at game and practice fields can vary due to location, field surface and other factors. Some are better equipped to handle the heat than others, but some are who aren't so well equipped are still choosing to carry on in the heat.

Moving students and switching rooms are options to find cooler space at school for some, but others don't have this luxury. Keeping young athletes cool and hydrated on fields which can have temperatures around 100 degrees is difficult.

Is it worth the risk?

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