Help me, please. I'm a Siberian husky or mix, and I'm lost. I want to go home but can't find my owners and I'm sad!

I'm assuming this lost dog is thinking that. What do you think? Or, maybe he is thinking woo-hoo, I'm free and wandering the wild neighborhoods of West Michigan!

Whatever the case, he isn't free anymore as someone has found him and is hoping to find the owners.

They think he may live on 7 Mile somewhere, and have posted his picture on Reddit/Grand Rapids in hopes his owners see their post and bring him home.

Notice his two different colored eyes, as if he's plotting something. Ha!

There wasn't any mention if he was microchipped but I sure hope he is.

I've lost dogs before and it isn't fun. I'm in a panic, and they're having a blast. Not my idea of fun.

Andy Rent
Andy Rent

A dog I used to have, Vivi,  would run the neighborhood when loose, not too far away and finally found.

A daughter's dog, Lucy, that I would dog-sit, would dig under the back yard fence and run and hide until I was exhausted looking for her.

Andy Rent
Andy Rent

When I would come home she would be sitting on the front porch and looking as if, "Where have you been? I've been waiting for you. Where is my treat?!"

If you have lost your dog, be sure you check the Humane Society of West Michigan, the Kent County Animal Shelter, and websites. There is a great one Kent County Lost and Found Pets on Facebook. There is a national website called Paws Boost that you could use as well.

Sure hope he finds his owners!

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