Ever go into a party with a "Ok, if I cough 3 times, get me out of there!" to a friend? My friends and I employ a "If I throw out a righteous hair wall, I'm done with that guy'" policy. (For those that don't know, a hair wall is casually letting all of your hair fall over the side of your face on which the guy is.  Sends a pretty clear "I'd rather stare into my own luscious locks than speak to you" vibe. Works every time.) Well, it shouldn't surprise us then that royalty have similar "signals". Except they have the back up of armed guards. (Which, I'll tell you, if the hair wall ever fails me, I might need.) So how can you tell if the Queen of England is so over you? Rynee Duval from People Magazine reports,

Obviously, there will be plenty of famous faces, fashion and fanfare to ogle when Prince William marries Kate Middleton on April 29.

But there's also something far more subtle – but equally fascinating – to watch for on the big day, as well as in the months leading up to it.

In the course of royal affairs, the Queen, along with others in the family, use some little-known secret cues in their social dealings. First and foremost, when Her Majesty is ready to wrap up a conversation or social event, she switches her handbag from one arm to another, signaling her handlers to move in and usher her away.

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