Three quarters of Americans list work as a significant source of stress.  To read some of these statistics and some of the suggestions to ease your stress at work, well they are nothing short of laughable. Read this and see if you agree.

I guess the American Psychological Society must be talking to a small pod of people who really don't represent the real walking, talking Americans I talk to online and on social media.

From those I talk to, and it's a lot, there is no negotiation with your employer.  I do believe if it's not working out for you in your current work situation, and you have asked for help and received none,  it's probably best to leave and work for someone who appreciates you.  Believe me, I KNOW that there are still companies of every kind that will value you as an employee.  I talk to people from all walks of life who are on fire to got to work every day.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.  Change things up and see all the exciting and new experiences you will  have!


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