A little stressed are we? Of course! COVID 19/Coronavirus is one big time factor. The Presidential election and all of the anger and divisiveness in the country surrounding it are a real key, too. So, how can we give ourselves some relief and relieve all this stress? How about dancing or watching animal videos!

I'm serious. Two different studies came out, and you don't have to ply yourself with alcohol, or eat chips all day to feel better. First, try dancing!

The website swnsdigital.com says that dancing really is the best medicine. In Great Britain, Brits say it makes them feel happier and less stressed.

Enjoying music

A study of 2,000 adults found eight in 10 feel a boogie boosts their mood, with three quarters feeling ‘happy’ after shimmying around their home.

For seven in 10, dancing helps to relieve their stress after just a few minutes.

If that's not enough for you, another British study found that just a half an hour of watching animal videos led to reduced levels of stress, high blood pressure and heart rates.

beaver in water

Come on, for real? Yes! According to the BBC the University of Leeds has found that high levels of anxiety, blood pressure and heart rates reduced to lower levels, half an hour after people watched videos of animals. The study found:

  • Heart rates dropped by an average of 6.5% in just 30 minutes
  • Blood pressure fell from a pre-high state of hypertension to a healthier reading in line with 'normal' levels.
  • Anxiety levels within the group reduced by an average of 35%, with some individuals experiencing a fall of almost 50%.

So, conclusion is...start dancing a bit while you're watching cute animal videos, and you'll feel like a million bucks!

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