Stress in our life seems to grow and grow.  Stress at home, with the kids, with our obligations, and, with our jobs.

This economy of ours has been tough and the pressures at work seem to keep growing.

So, how about something LESS stressful. reports their "top ten" low stress jobs.

10.  Drill Press Operator

9.    Librarian

8.    Hairstylist

7.    Dietitian

6.    Audiologist

5.    Medical Laboratory Technician

4.    Jeweler

3.    Medical Records Technician

2.    Seamstress/Tailor

and, the number 1 less stressful job.....

UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR! says that with a median salary of $62,000, high opportunity for growth, and low health risks, being a university professor is a pretty good gig!

On the other end of the scale, the MOST stressful.....the men and women in the military!