With the increasing frequency of bullying stories in the news about children who are singled out and bullied, sometimes to the extent where they take their own life; we can forget that bullying can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere.  Thus this story...

I heard from a woman who says it is happening in her workplace, not to her, to another co-worker.  It ends up making the entire office uncomfortable because people see it happening, but don't know what to do to help or stop it.

As an adult, in the workplace, you may not even realize you are being bullied.  Bullying can take on all different forms.  It can come in the form of alienation, being ostracized, verbal assaults, fault finding, and coercion  into leaving your place of employment through no fault of your own.

This is what a bully might look like, as an adult, in the workplace, is this happening to you?