Spring cleaning, maybe it is time to spring clean my desk.   This photo is my real desk here at the radio station.  What a dump.  I have pictures on the board that are at least 8 years old.  I have hockey diagrams and rosters on my desk and the hockey season ended two weeks ago.   Isn't a messy desk the sign of something ...a brilliant mind, a busy person.  Something?


An overwhelming majority of the managers taking part in a new OfficeTeam poll say they're left with a bad impression when they see a messy workspace.  Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed admit that the neatness of a worker's desk or office "somewhat affects" their opinion of that employee's professionalism, and 18-percent say it "greatly affects" their perception.  Less than one in five don't care about the condition of an employee's surroundings, with just 17-percent saying their opinions are not at all affected by the appearance of the workspace.

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