This pretty girl is thicker than a snicker, and just as fun! In case you were wondering, Holly is baby and loves to be carried around like a baby, and also loves to suckle on her favorite toys. It’s so precious we can barely stand it! She also has the CUTEST smile and wonderfully expressive puppy-dog eyes. Holly is down for whatever you want to do, as long as she has one of her favie toys with her.

attachment-Holly 3

Want someone to watch Netflix with you? Holly is your girl! She knows how to sit and shake, and will do her very best to learn more tricks if it makes you happy. Poor Holly had a rough start to life and is looking for a home where she can be your only baby, furry or otherwise, with an owner who can help her unwind and relax in a calm, quiet environment. She just wants what every animal wants--a safe and comfortable home where she can be loved.

attachment-Holly 1

Holly can't wait to meet her "furever" family soon, so if you’d like to adopt her please visit our website at

Subaru Loves Pets

October kicks off Subaru Loves Pets Month, and we are excited to partner with Subaru of America help find loving homes for pets in need! This month, we will benefit from a $100 donation from Fox Subaru for every pet adopted.

Google Street View
Google Street View

Learn more at, and visit our website to view all of our adoptable pets at, or stop in any time during our open hours to meet all of our adoptable babies!

Pup-kin Spice Season!

We'd love your help satisfying our pets craving for everyone's favorite fall treat--PUMPKIN!

Andy Rent/TSM
Andy Rent/TSM

Now that pup-kin spice season is here, there's more pumpkin in stores than ever, and this yummy high-fiber treat works great for enticing picky eaters and settling the tummies of nearly every pet in our care! Please grab us some cans or pouches of plain pumpkin, (not sweetened or spiced) OR a can opener, we'd really appreciate it!

To make a donation, please drop off items in the donation bin in our entryway, anytime during our open hours, or you can donate through our Wish Lists linked on our website at, and have it mailed to us at 3077 Wilson Drive NW, Grand Rapids MI, 49534

Community Cats

National Community Cat day was this weekend, and a great opportunity to talk about community cats!

Community cats are independent felines that live outdoors and rely on the protection of humans to thrive in colonies in communities across the globe. These cats are usually incredibly content living the way they do, but we can still provide support systems to help these cats live productive, healthy lives. Instead of bringing them in to the shelter, we advocate for TNVR programs!

Community Residents Sent Stray Cats To Be Sterilized In Beijing
China Photos/Getty Images

TNVR, which stands for trap-neuter-vaccinate-return, is the process in which cats are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and returned to their outdoor homes. Once returned, they'll be able to live out the rest of their lives in the home they've always known!

There are lots of ways to support community cats in your neighborhood, including getting them through a TNVR program, providing warm shelter, especially in cold wet weather, and offering fresh food and water.

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