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A pair of workers at Holland's Dutch Village say two locals have developed an unusual crush on them.

It's a love story that knows no age, nor gender, and has a lot of people talking.

WZZM TV13 reports that two geese, Toulouse and Bernard are in love with maintenance worker Howard Pippel and ride operator Ash Getliff.

"He'll stick by my side until i go home for the night and sometimes he's tried to follow me home," said Getliff while holding his friend. "Whenever he sees me, he'll squak at me. If I'm close by, he'll run towards me. If I'm far away, he'll actually fly at me."

As long as they're there, Bernard never leaves Ash. And Toulouse never leaves Howard.

"I think maybe it's because... he thinks I'm his girlfriend," Pippel said. "Doesn't bother me a bit, if that's the way he wants to feel. Wherever I go he follows me, he even follows me into the bathroom."

The workers say they enjoy the company.

"I like it," said Getliff. "He's just someone always there to talk to. And occasionally he'll talk back... kindof."

The park adopted Toulouse and Bernard about three years ago from a hatchery. The geese won't let anyone else touch or pick them up without a fight.

Howard and Ash are rarely together because they say the geese will get jealous and start fighting each other.

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