UPDATE: Police have reported that Zander Canales has been found and is safe.

ORIGINAL STORY: The story of missing teens is nothing new in Michigan. Some taken by family members, some under more sinister terms, and some simply runaway. Zander Canales is another runaway, and all are worried.

Fox17 reported that yesterday morning, Sunday, Allegan County Sheriff's Office was hoping the public would assist with any information they had to help in locating this 13-year old, Zander Canales, who had run away. The last anyone had seen Canales was this past Wednesday when he drove away from home using his father's 2006 Chrysler 300.

Sadly, no one has heard from him since. Quite possible, family and officials believe, he is with friends, unknown to anyone, in Holland.

The description of the  2006 Chrysler 300 is cream colored with lots of chrome, an eagle on the front grill and a "cross" sticker on the trunk area. The license plate on the vehicle is 5MVP98.

Having a child run away from home is every parent's worst nightmare. Did you know that almost all teens have thought about running away at least once. They just don't all follow through with it.

The website Very Well Family, says: "It's important to remember that teens who run away are just like every other teen. They aren't bad kids. They just have made a bad decision. They got themselves caught up in something or are feeling pressures that they felt the need to escape from. Instead of facing their problems and solving them, they chose to run from them."

Anybody who knows anything about the boy's location or has information leading to his whereabouts should contact the Allegan County Central Dispatch Center's non-emergency line at (269) 673-3899 or Allegan County Silent Observer at 1-800-554-3633.


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