Enough of Winter! It's been tough, ice, snow, wind, power outages, car crashes, flights cancelled. But you know, there is a beauty in Winter. Some of that beauty is at the lakeshore, in Holland.

One of my favorite photographers, Gene Paskiewicz, better known to 100.5 River listeners of a few years ago as Gene Parker, always takes the most beautiful pictures around our fantastic Lake Michigan. And this Winter, he captured the beauty of "Big Red", the lighthouse at the southside of the Holland Channel at the State Park.

Even though not operated by the Coast Guard anymore, "Big Red" continues to keep a bright beacon to Lake Michigan through the efforts of Holland Harbor Lighthouse Historical Commission.

Over the years, "Big Red" has taken on a life of its own, popular with painters, photographers, beach-goers, and boaters. There's nothing more relaxing than sitting in the shade of a tree, and watch the river empty into Lake Michigan, while the red sentinel stands guard on the opposite shore.



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