A big change to Facebook beginning today.

Hashtags have arrived!

Do you #loveit or hate it?

The addition of hashtags is just one of many changes Facebook is promising in the weeks to come.

Abcnews.go.com has more about how hashtags will be used on Facebook:

Over the next few weeks all Facebook users will be able to include a hashtagged phrase, like #royalbaby or #puppies, in their posts and then watch it become clickable. When a hashtag is included in a post, clicking on it will pop out a feed that aggregates others posts that have been tagged with the same phrase.

The move will make it easier to find what other people are saying about specific topics and events, something that people have typically gone to Twitter to do over Facebook.

Hashtags will be used on desktops starting today.  The feature will be coming to mobile apps in the future.

I use Facebook and Twitter. Hashtags are one of the reasons I prefer Twitter over Facebook.

Hashtags help to organize, keep posts brief, and can be fun to use creatively at times.

Count me down for a #loveit vote!

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Learn more about hashtags on Facebook.