At least now the whole country knows what our roads are like. Maybe they'll send help.

Apparently, Electric Vehicles Are Quiet Until You Hit Michigan

Zee, a former Michigan resident who grew up in Rockford, is taking a cross country road trip to demonstrate the effectiveness of electric cars for ABC's Good Morning America. And guess what she encountered in her home state?

Miles of crap highway.

Zee looked unsurprised when she hit the hard stretch of road Tuesday morning, after doing her weather reports from Detroit. Zee and her crew are headed to Tennessee to visit a plant where the vehicles are made on Wednesday.

The Subtle Laugh Says It All, The Roads Here Are A Joke

"I'm a Michigander so I can say this," Zee spoke into the camera. "EVs are really quiet. UNLESS you're on a Michigan road."

With that, she panned down to a freeway surface chewed up with potholes and giant cracks. She appears to be on a four lane highway south of Detroit when the car is made shaky by the rough road. Off to the left, orange construction barrels are apparent, so at leas the road, wherever it is, is being worked on.

Zee then laughs. The tweet is tagged with the hashtags #potholes, #roadmess, and #WhatIsHappening.

People On Twitter Piled On

Fans of Zee's were more than happy to make light of the roads here:

Betsy Sidell made it a 'Pothole Carol', if there are such things:

Thumpity thump thump thumpity thump thump, look at Ginger go, over the hills of...asphalt!

James Milford saw it as a marketing opportunity:

Pure michigan Ginger.

And Rick asked why we can't get it together when it comes to roads:

They invented the car. Did they not get along with the road people???? They are the worst. And don’t get me started in the u-turns.

U-Turns? Hardly, those are MICHIGAN turns, Mister, and don't you forget it!

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