Reading this story sort of reminds me of prohibition days when alcohol was a big no, no!  Genesse County, here in Michigan is paving the way for majijuana in pretty much the same way.  There are signs inviting people with chronic pain and other health problems to visit Meme’s Green Dream, Big Daddy’s, or another shop up the road called simply The Barn.  Each one promises  high-quality pot that will deliver “giggle fits.” I guess that's supposed to make you forget about your chronic pain and other various health problems.

Availibility of marijuana is not something that is happening all over the state but more like county by county.

Many police departments are too busy dealing with murders, assaults and other more serious offenses that they are more than happy not to drag all of these into an already overburdened court system.

My thoughts on this is just go ahead and legalize it, tax it, and see how it goes.  If there are more problems that are showing up and legalization isn't working then go ahead and criminalize it again.  This may be the only way a state and the country and get out of debt.  With a 63% vote for medical use, it would appear to me that peoples view of the drug is softening.