On Wednesday morning, August 8th, Megan stopped by for "Wet Nose Wednesday" and brought in a real "Gem".

Photo: Townsquare Media/Scott Winters

Gem is a 2-month-old retriever mix and is an adorable puppy. She has been with the Humane Society of West Michigan, along with her siblings, since the end of July. Unlike a lot of puppies who are just full of energy and into everything, Gem is very happy to just cuddle and have her tummy rubbed. She is a sweet and playful puppy waiting to find her forever home.

We also talked about a couple of events that are coming up...

Sky Zone / Hop for Hounds: Hop on over for a night of fun at Sky Zone! This Friday, August 10th from 4-8 pm. Anyone who comes to SkyZone Grand Rapids and says they are there to support the Humane Society of West Michigan will have a portion of their registration donated to HSWM!

Baby Ready Seminar: On Saturday, August 18th they will be holding their Baby Ready Pets Seminar. This is to help families get their pets ready for a new baby in the family!

You can get more information on "Gem" and these upcoming events on the Humane Society website or call (616) 453-8900.

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